I have a Solidoodle 3 that I am going to upgrade

 I will add to the website as I do the upgrades



List of Components I am upgrading

1.  Enclosure - Heated - an enclosure is needed to keep the build area worm. If you are printing ABS and your build area is not enclosed you will have trouble with large prints warping on the table and layer separation.

2. Board Azteeg X3

3 Helios heat bead -

 4. All metal hotend - This is the hot end of choice for most people upgrade their hotends. The stock SD3 hotend has a peek upper and they tend to melt at high temperatures.

Enclosure Photos


the enclosure sides are made of 16 ga .060" thick sheet metal

Enclosure Side Inside

Enclosure Sides Inside


Enclosure Side Outside

Enclosure Sides outside