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Private Investigator Equipment and Use of Technology in Palm Beach County Florida.

Palm Beach County Private Investigation Companies offering P.I. and Detective services in Delray Beach, Boca Raton and all other cities, towns and communities near and around West Palm Beach, Florida. Or Private Investigation services are no different than anywhere else, except we are better! We are equipped and prepared to handle a wide diversity of circumstances to assist our clients through questionable times and situations. ALL services are CONFIDENTIAL.

Anyone who watches investigation, spy or espionage movies or investigation television programs or is an avid reader of Mystery and spy books understands the necessity for the use of specialized investigation equipment. Private Investigators and Private Detectives depend on technology and spying equipment to assist with obtaining information and evidence. Interestingly, many of the sophisticated devices used in the movies, story lines and television of years past are now used by private investigators each day in reality.  Private investigators use technology, state of the art equipment and are experts at utilizing specialized “tools” to assist with investigating people and events. Listed below are some of the more popular types of equipment used by Private Investigators in Palm Beach County Florida:

Audio amplifiers.
An electronic amplifier that amplifies low-power voice to a level suitable for driving loudspeakers. Special Amplifiers can be used either indoors or outdoors to listen to sounds and conversations at a distance.

Baseball Cap Camera.
This great investigators device has a hidden camera unit within the cap. A special sized camera will record everything that the investigator sees. The hidden lens is very small and is unsuspecting and undetectable.

Every Private Investigator uses Binoculars. There are all types of day time and night time binoculars which are utilized when viewing a person or situation from a distance.

Counter-surveillance investigative services refer to tactics undertaken to prevent or detect surveillance upon a person suspecting they are being watched or followed.  Counter-surveillance may include electronic methods such as detecting hidden bugs or listening devises and finding unauthorized video. Or, watching you to see if someone is watching (surveilling) you! Counter surveillance is a specialized services mainly used to deter or protect clients from have their privacy invaded or the whereabouts known

Covert surveillance cameras.
Covert cameras are used all the time. Covert cameras are used in glasses, hats, watches, clocks, light plates, plugs, adapters, scissors, paper weights, key fabs, staplers, smoke detectors and many more creative places.

Covert Disguised Road Objects.
Investigators utilized unique object to disguise camera’s such as utility boxes, garbage pails and mail boxes, antenna’s, kids toys, newspapers, dog poop, garden hoses for unmanned remote surveillance.

Face Reading Software.
An excellent addition to any Private Investigator’s arsenal is this remarkable piece of software. The software analyzes six basic facial expressions. While it cannot identify a particular person, it can tell you how they react to certain stimuli.  Many used in private settings such as places of employment.

GPS Tracker.
GPS Tracking is similar to your own car system except when used by a private investigator; the system is installed without the driver’s knowledge. Covert GPS tracking is ideal for monitoring vehicles of any type who travel anywhere. GPS systems continuously monitor and create a report of a locations traveled to at specific times. There are some legal restrictions to the use of covert GPS tracking.

High Resolution Bullet Camera.
These hi-tech cameras are perfect for special operations work and can power most pocket digital video recorders. With one button usage, it is a cinch to turn the camera on and off without drawing undue attention. Private investigators commonly use these small yet affective covert video gadgets.

Moveable Surveillance Tools. 
Private Investigators are known for using unique and creative ways to conduct surveillance of a room or area when they cannot be physically there. Some of the most popular surveillance tools are: vehicle key fabs, lighters, pipes, shoes, plants, watches, soda cans, teddy bears, clocks, visors, pens, sunglasses, hats, cellphone, coffee lids, clock radios, packs of cigarettes and many more unsuspecting items.

Nanny and Spy Cam Sound Amplifiers and Audio Equipment for Surveillance Investigations.
Many people are concerned or curious about the care of the child (ren) while under supervision of their nanny or housekeeper. Private Investigators install and conduct private surveillance of their homes while they are away. It is a very common practice to spy on a caregiver, nanny or housekeeper.

Night Vision Goggles for Surveillance Investigations in Dark Environments.
Night vision binoculars (also called night vision goggles provide the Private Investigator the ability to see in a dark yards, houses and secret areas. 

Pen Audio Recorder.
Pen audio recorders are used to automatically record everything that’s said during a conversation. The pen recording device is activated with a simple click of the top and a second click to stop the devise. Tape recording someone’s voice in Florida without their consent is unlawful. Pen records are also great for recording your own thoughts.

Pen Cam Video Recorder.
Pen Cam recorders are used to automatically record everything in its line of site.  A Pen Cam video devise is a high end executive pen with incredible capabilities. Clicking on the top of the pen controls the on off switch and in some cases even allows for focusing and zooming.

Reverse Peephole Viewer.
One of the most popular gadgets used by Private Investigators. While this device is most often used by bail bondsmen and law enforcement, this unique gizmo’s allows for increasing the ability to see into a residence or business to uncover people who may be hiding inside. A reverse peephole finder is small and easy to use.

Reverse View Sunglasses.
Reverse sunglasses is designed for covert monitoring of an individual or active situation. When worn by a Private Investigator the subject is actually behind wherever she/walks. In many cases P.I.’s no longer need to follow a subject, but can stay ahead of them, record and monitor activities and meetings.

Smart Watch Covert Video Watch.
Plan and simple. There are very cool watches with built in camera’s that can be used up close and personal during an investigation.

Sound Amplification Equipment.
Sound amplification equipment involves the use of a highly sensitivity microphone. Similar to what is used on a football field allowing fans hear the quarterback calling out signals, this technology can be used by investigators. Private investigators are able to hear conversations in another room, or on the other side of any wide open area, without the other party’s knowledge.

Spy Camera Detector.
Private Investigators specialized in finding Illegally hidden wireless camera's and allows you to see what the hidden camera see's.

Stationary Surveillance tools.
Hidden Camera's, Chargers, Cell phone, Coat Hooks, Thermostats, plugs, clocks, electric and wall plates, calculators, Adaptors, Key fabs, smoke and fire detectors, mouse, air ionizers, power strips, thermometers, mugs, coffee cup lids, clocks, routers, Wi-Fi boxes, water bottles, outdoor lights-wifi enable.

Surveillance is the covert monitoring of the people, situations and events that require validating the truth or accuracy of what was said or done. Covert surveillance must include observation from a distance. Surveillance is used by Private Investigators and is the most essential part of an investigation.

Surveillance vehicles.
Private Investigators generally use specially equipped vehicles to assist with covert services whereby the person under investigation is mobile. Most surveillance vehicles used for “stake-out" investigations are equipped with the equipment and gadgets listed on this blog.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.
"TSCM" is the acronym for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.  “T.S.C.M.”  services require a highly skilled technician and her/his use of sophisticated equipment. The equipment used is generally not available for purchase at a spy store and if it was, save your money, you would not know how to use it. Never try to conduct your own “sweep” and always consult a professional When you plan on reaching out to a professional DO NOT USE YOUR phone, Ipad or computer, go elsewhere immediately.

Legal Considerations

Please note, Private Investigation tools, gadgets and equipment are not specifically designed or to be used to surreptitiously intercept conversations. Use for this purpose seriously violates federal laws. Be sure to check your state and local laws before requesting Private Investigation services.

Private investigators may use night vision binoculars, goggles and scopes while conducting night time surveillance investigations to view the activity of their subject. Many secret business meetings, conversations in parking lots and in lobby area takes place in the dark so this equipment is critical to catching subjects while they are active.

When you think of a Private Investigator what comes to mind is a person who tries to catch a cheater or a dishonest person in the act of infidelity or lying. Though catching someone cheating or lying is an important and popular aspect of a Private Investigators business, here are some other popular services that are rendered in all cities within Palm Beach County:

Contract Violations

Corporate Matters

Employee Observations

Employee Theft

Evidence Gathering

Finding Missing People





Non-Compete Violations

Partner and Fiduciary Issues

Tortious Interference

Vendor Monitoring

The experienced private Investigator views the world from a different perspective than most. Private investigators are mainly covert and are rarely seen and when they are they do not admit to being a private investigator.

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