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A Monthly Newsletter, Authored by a License Private Investigator

Each month this agency receives hundreds of calls and dozens of email inquiries concerning theft, scams and dishonesty. Unfortunately, our communities within Palm Beach County must deal with the inequalities of people who have bad intentions and are no different than any other communities throughout Florida. 

As a License Private Investigation agency we take pride in helping people with a wide range of investigative services. We are primary involved with corporate investigations but are available to assist anyone who is seeking the truth about a person or information that can be useful in making important decisions. When you are seeking the truth or a definitive answer a trained and experienced Private Investigator from our agency will work with you every step of the way.

If you are a victim of a crime and have not called the Sheriff’s office or local Police, you should do so BEFORE contacting us. Since a good portion of the inquiries we receive do or should involve Law Enforcement, this agents is offering you information that may assist you during this trying time of need.

How to identify a Job Scam.

Never believe someone who promises you a job 
Never believe someone who promises you a government job
Never believe someone who offers you the secret of obtaining a job
Never believe someone who promises you to make lots of money by working at home.
Never believe someone who offers you a certificate to improve your chances of getting a job

Scammer always asked to be paid first. That is the biggest warning signal of most scams. Never pay in advance for employment opportunities!

Never deal with anyone who advises you to act fast.
Never deal with anyone promises you a job for a fee.

If you believe you are a victim of a job scam you can contact the FTC at 1-877-382-4357 or go online to, ftc.gov/complaint 

How to spot frauds and scams

The old expression, “ If its sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Is one you should keep in mind every day of your life. Be cautious when dealing with strangers and be optimistically skeptical when dealing with friends and family too!

Here are many of the RED Flags for spotting potential scams and fraud:
Promises of guaranteed riches. Scammers always use getting rich as a key focal point of their scams

Pressure to act now before the opportunity disappears or is going to be taken up by someone else.

Be cautious when a person offers you a special opportunity that involves inside information that is not available to others.

People claiming “You’ve Won!”

People claiming, “I am very similar to you” Especially people in your faith group, social group, ethnic group and at networking events

People claiming to be specially trained and or specially certified.

Calls from debt collectors about debts that do not belong to you

An electronic email notice from the IRS that someone used your social security number

What you can look for is a legitimate advisor who offers you written disclosures, answers to all your questions, explains risks, has a verifiable license or credential and is willing to show you a drivers licensed and other personal proof authenticity.

ADA Compliance  in Palm Beach County

Non-compliance of ADA laws may not fall under a scam or a fraud but it does bring light to places or people who ignore the law and take advantage of people in need. We frequently get involved with compliance issues and are serious about assisting people who are in need.

If you are a person with a disability who needs assistance and or accommodations, please call the Palm Beach County ADA Coordinator at 561-355-4380, TDD 1-800-955-8771.

Helpful telephone numbers in Palm Beach County
Office of Americans with Disabilities 1-800-514-0301, TDD 1-800-514-0983
Palm Tran Connection, 561-649-9838, or www.pbcgov.com/palmtran
Legal Aid Society, 561-655-8944, or www.legalaidpbc.org
Palm Beach County Office of Equal Opportunity (FEPA), 561-355-4884, or www.pbcgov.org

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious crime. We assist people with theft but a crime, especially identity theft should always be directed to law enforcement first!

How does identity theft start?
Criminals go through trash cans and dumpsters stealing bills, paperwork and personal documents

Criminals are employees of businesses, medical offices, call and or send email.

Criminals misuse the name of a legitimate business names and trick people into revealing personal information

Criminals pretend to be officials, bank representatives, offer loans, free trips and all kinds of rewards

Criminals steal wallets, handbags and items from your car

Criminals may steal US Mail from your mailbox

How to protect your personal information

Review your credit reports, twice annually

Read your bank statements every month

Shred all documents

Do NOT respond to email, text or phone messages that request personal information

Create passwords that use a mixture of letters, numbers, symbols and special characters

Do NOT use public wireless access

If you think you are a victim of identity theft you can visit, www.identitytheft.gov or call 1-877-382-4357 or also visit www.ftc.gov/complaint

Knowing your rights when a Debt Collector Calls

When a debt collector calls its best to speak with the agent and address the situation head on. First, be certain the collector is legitimate. Find out the name of the person who you are speaking with, obtain the debt collection company name, ask for the debt collectors license number and what state they are located in, ask for a call back telephone number and always ask the name of the creditor and the amount owed.  Last, ask how you can dispute the debt or verify the debt is accurate or even if it’s yours?!

When debt collectors are aggressive and annoying.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is supposed to protect you from overly aggressive debt collectors. Debt collectors, BY LAW, are not supposed to harass, make repeated calls that are intended to intimidate, harass, annoy or abuse the person answering the phone. Debt collectors are prohibited from threatening violence or harm, curse or use profane language or use intimidation tactics. 

If you feel you are a victim of debt collector who is illegally trying to collect a debt, contact www.ConsumerFinance.gov.complaint or call 855-411-2372, TDD/TTY, 855-729-2372 

Telemarketing Fraud

Florida is a strict state when it comes to telemarketing services. Here are some facts about telemarketing that were put together to assist you.

Telemarketing calls can only take place between 8am and 9pm and the salesperson must state her or his name and the true name of the company and the types of products or services within the first 30 seconds of the call.

If a sale is made you must be advised of your right to cancel your purchase, the company name and address who the cancellation will be made to.

Avoid becoming a victim of telemarketing fraud

Do not be afraid to say “No thanks” and simply hang up the phone

Do not send cash by messenger, overnight delivery, electronic transfer or wire money

Do not answer your phone if you don’t recognize the telephone number and let the call go to voice mail

Do not believe anyone who tells you they are law enforcement and are calling to assist you recover lost monies from a previous fraud

Require written information by mail

Sign up for the do not call registry

If you are shopping online make sure the website you use starts with an https. The “s” means the site is secure

Mortgage Scams

Mortgage assistance and foreclosure relief schemes are popping up all over Palm Beach County Florida

People who are considering assistance should be cautious of:

People telling you to stop making mortgage loan payments

Charge upfront fees

Ask you to make payments to someone other than your lender

Attempts at trying to get you to sign over a title to your property

Push you to sign papers under duress or that you don’t understand

Pressure you to act immediately

Offer you a forensic evaluation of your load for free

Some other ways to avoid schemes or fraud

Always obtain the physical address of the seller

Conduct online searches and look for complaints or bad reviews

Never give money to an unknown charity

Talk to your doctor before you buy health products or treatments

Never agree to deposit someone check and wire money back for a fee

Never offer personal information to a person over the telephone unless you can verify who they are 100%.

Never play a foreign lottery

Scam artists in Palm Beach County Florida are all over the place. They work hard at defrauding people every day of the year. They use the telephone, internet and US Mail in many ways to trick you into sending money, buying products or services and giving our personal information. We urge you to be cautious, more now than ever before, of people who suddenly appear in your life without your request. Act diligently at protecting your personal information and be very cautious of anyone who is overly friendly or generous. Scammer and fraudsters are highly manipulative people who prey upon unsuspecting people. 

As a Private Investigation agency www.PiPBC.com telephone 561-445-7939, in Palm Beach County Florida we pride ourselves with our twenty years of confidential services where we specialize in assisting people with situations that need the advice of an objective and professional investigator. Email us at Pi@PiPBC.com 

As we progress through this New Year we hope and pray the best for you, your family, friends and associates. Please stop back here in the near future while we post additional blogs, information and advice. 

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