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The Legal Mind and the Line Drawn; Obtaining the Lowest Fees for Process Serving Services is not at all what it’s meant or should be.

There is an imaginary line in the minds of legal professionals who are Attorneys, Paralegal Professionals and or assistants who work for law firms, corporate legal departments and or business offices.  Obtaining the lowest fee quote for anticipated process serving or court record retrieval services seems to be the main focus when looking for a Process Server or Process Service company. sad but true. Most inquiries for service start off with "how much do you charge?" Anybody can low ball a fee but can anyone really perform the service your require? Can anyone offer experience, dependability or guarantee professionalism? Nope! So, why not inquire about what really matters?

The mind set and the line drawn by legal professionals focuses on saving the client or law office money by seeking out lowest fee for a particular service or task. The game of acquiring the lowest fee is now main stream and has become the prevailing mentality of most, if not all, in the legal profession. We have a problem with this and what line we have drawn is to simply offer the best services we can and at a price we feel is appropriate for the task you need us to handle on your behalf.

When it comes to outsourcing court process serving services, doorknockers and or field agents to handle service of process, home or commercial location visits and or the delivery of letters, answers, notifications to debtors, witnesses, defendants, heirs, respondents and clients the lowest fee should not be your primary focus.

The A. C. E. company we are, admittedly, challenged by the lowest fee game played by our competitors yet we do not react nor meet "low ball fees" at the sake of diminishing the quality and our commitment to services. We are equipped to offer a value based fee which guarantees our clients the highest level of professionalism and trust.

Many companies offer lower fees and there are just as many who will offer higher fees than A. C. E. Process and Court Services. For those who offer lower fees and can deliver quality service, timeliness of efforts and appropriate paperwork, great! However, we have learned there are very few companies who can offer the lower fee and the higher standard of services needed. For those who offer higher fees for anticipated services, great! We only hope those who are higher priced are offering the very best services and follow up!

Here at A. C. E. we base our fees upon several factors.  First, when a client connects with us and requests a quote we decide if we can provide the service in the manner that is required. If we believe we can optimize our strategic location and experience to provide best service, we will ask you for the zip code of the location where services are to be performed. This coupled with your timing requirements will be analyzed and within minutes you will be provided with a flat fee quote that most likely will be competitive with others whom you may requested quotes from.

However, the lowest fee game is not applicable to what we provide our clients as what we offer has a unique value. Our fees include many professional elements that are built into what we offer. We are one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and consistent service providers in the nation. It is virtually impossible to assign a fee or value to our iron clad management and skills. Many say you get what you pay for... Have you ever hired the least expensive service provider and expected a high level of professionalism and timely results? Your probably have and we are sure the majority of time you have been disappointed with a part or all of the service you paid for.

When you are in the market to hire a process serving company who offers the lowest fee, you may want to consider the following:

1. How long as the company or Process Server been in business?

2. Is the Process Server and or Process Company licensed?

3. Does the Process Server or Process Company have a  F.E.I.N. or Federal Tax Identification Number?

4. Is there a customer service manager or person you can contact other than the Process Server who will perform the services?

5. Will email communications be timely?

6. Will your Proof of Service and Affidavits be typed or handwritten?

7. Is there an afterhours contact number for requests and or time sensitive communications?

8. Does the Process Server or Process Service Company have an on line database for easy access?

9. Are file copies and information about case files available on line 24/7?

10. Will the office provide free notarization of affidavits and proofs?

11. Will the Process Server take pictures / images, ask questions and ascertain information such as, but not limited to, vehicle tags, neighbor comments, research social media, look it court records and provide skip trace services for free?

12. Will the Process Server be available to offer stake out and surveillance services?

13. Will the Process Server try more than a couple times if there is no answer at the door?

14. Does the Process Server work with a team of professionals who care?

15. Is there a guarantee for peace of mind and a willingness to make sure services are handled with care?

16. Will the company accept service documents and requests by email or fax?

17. Does the Process service company accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Debt Cards?

18. Can you pay on line?

19. Does the company offer on line emailing of the Proof of Service and or Affidavit?

20. Are same day process services available?

21. Will the Process Server handle rush services on Saturdays?

22. Will the process server work very early in the morning?

23. Will the Process Server work very late evenings?

24. Will the Process Server where disguises and be creative, when necessary?

25. Will the Process Server or Process company offer reduced fees for multiple services at same address?

26. Will the Process Server or Process Company negotiate lower fees for volume users?

27. Will the Process Server of Process Company be in business for many more years?

28. Has the Process Server or Process Company been in business more than 20 years?

29. Can a client speak directly to the Owner of the Process Company?

30. Is the process service company a licensed Private Investigation agency with incredible experience and nationwide agents who professional participants in a proud family enterprise?

The above are just a hand full of questions we at A. C. E. can answer yes to! We may not play the fee game and offer the lowest fees but at least you will know you are depending upon a credible company who offers more than what you need and expect.

We drew a line in our minds twenty years ago. The line is simple do we want to be the cheapest or do we want to be the best? When you communicate with us, you will be connected to the best process company in the United States. If you are seeking the lowest fee, you may want to try elsewhere....If you are looking for the best service and a reasonable fee, please consider A. C. E. as your go to Process Serving Company.

A. C. E., Inc. is a 21 year old Process Serving and Investigation agency. A. C. E., Inc. started as a local company, expanded to a statewide company and has grown into a nationwide company during the past two years. A. C. E. maintains, manages contracts and is connected to hundreds of professional agents who are situated strategically in every state in America.

To hire an A. C. E. Process Server or field agent, the best in the nation,

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