Fees for Private Investigation Services in Palm Beach County

Investigative Fee’s by the Hour

Private Investigation services offered in Palm Beach County Florida are generally based upon hourly fees. Most investigative services such as, but limited to, surveillance, stake out services, following someone and undercover operations are planned and billed by the hour.

Flat Fee Investigative Services

Many investigation services that do not involve hard core covert services as referenced above are flat fee based. The most popular flat fee based service are background checking, locating people, civil and criminal record checking, police records, researching corporations and directors, public records search, vehicle record search, civil and criminal record retrieval and research relating property owners.

Investigation Fee’s in General

The hiring of a Private Investigator is an important decision. For the person (client) who is seeking information and answers it’s a costly experience. For the investigators the commitment of time, the stress of being alert and spot on every minute of the assignment (while on the job) and even safety concerns influences the fees quoted for anticipated investigation services.

Investigation services are not for people, law firms or corporations with concerns and a budget. Private Investigations are expensive and are usually retained by people who have significant funds and are willing to spend a minimum of a few thousand dollars for services that involve hourly services. In terms of flat fee investigative services, most minimum fees start at 500.00 to open an investigation case file. In some cases, such as locating a missing witness or trying to locate an address, private investigation fees start as low as 195.00.

Overall, when you consider hiring an investigator the fee’s for private and confidential services are quoted in advance during our free consultation. Please keep in mind private investigators are licensed professionals with a wealth of talents, skills, experience and knowledge. Our investigators and detectives in Palm Beach County are the very best you can hire. Our fees are fair and you will get what you pay for.

Fees are based upon your circumstances and will be quoted fairly in advance of commencing services. If expenses are required, you will be responsible for approving them prior to services performed. There are no hidden fees or expenses.

To communicate with a Licensed Private Investigator and to discuss your situation in confidence, please contact us in Palm Beach County at pi@pipbc.com or call 561 445-7939