What is the law that regulates Private Investigators and Investigative Agencies in Palm Beach County Florida?

Chapter 493 is the Florida statute that guides Licensed Private Investigator and Investigation Agency Operators. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the governing Department of licensing for Private Investigation Licensing.

Are Private Investigators in Palm Beach County and throughout the state of Florida are permitted to carry a firearm when performing Private Investigations?

NO they are NOT. The law clearly states: “no firearm shall be carried by a licensed Private Investigator while providing services regulated by Florida law and chapter 48 the governing statute for Private Investigators.

Do you know what a Private Investigation Agency is in the eyes of Florida Law?

Private investigative agency means any person who, for consideration, advertises as providing or is engaged in the business of furnishing private investigations.

Do you know what the legal term “Private investigator” means in the State of Florida?

A Private Investigator is any individual who, for consideration, advertises as providing or performs private investigation services. “Private investigation” means the investigation by a licensed person or persons for the purpose of obtaining information, facts, images and video to prove or disprove circumstances. In addition, licensed Private Investigators find, locate, skip trace and determine the whereabouts of people and property.

What Type of Private Investigation Services do you provide?

We are a Directory of Private Investigators in Palm Beach County who list P.I.'s who offer services to Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Corporate Counsel, Business Owners and anyone who has a lawful reason to conduct covert monitoring of a particular person or situation.

Do you handle Private Investigation service outside Palm Beach County?

No We do not, but know who does and that is why we offer you free access to this directory. Actually, the P.I.'s you find in this directory will travel throughout the State of Florida and beyond. Investigations either start in Palm Beach County or are retained by Palm Beach County residents. Every case is different and most involve traveling outside the county.

How does a P.I. follow someone without being seen?

This is one of the most common questioned asked. The fact is, there is no possible way a Private Investigator can guarantee not being seen or as they say in the legal community, “being made.” Following someone is very difficult and usually requires two Private Investigators. There are many tactics employed by experience investigators to minimize the chances of being found out.

Does a P.I.require legal reasons to follow someone or can we hire a p.I. because of curiosity?

Yes, P.I.'s do require a legal reason to start a case. They do not follow anyone for anyone. They require legal reasons to follow a person or to conduct any type of investigation upon a person. Private Investigators have an ethic and legal purpose for assisting people in need, however they have equal responsibilities to protect the privacy and whereabouts of every citizen.

Does Palm Beach Private Investigator have to have a P.I. License issued by Palm Beach County?

No. Palm Beach County does not issue Private Investigators or Private Investigation Agency license. The State of Florida does.

Are there any days or hours Private Investigators cannot work in Palm Beach County?

No. Private Investigators are not prohibited from working any days or hours. Private Investigators are available to work every day and all hours. There are no restrictions with regard to when a Private Investigator can work.

Are there any locations in Palm Beach County where Private Investigators are restricted from entering?

Yes. Private Investigators are prohibited from entering gated communities without consent and cannot enter any private location without permission from the owner or authorized agent.